Job Ministries is not an internet church but rather an outreach ministry.


Job Ministries is not an internet church but rather an outreach ministries. My purpose is to empower you with the word of God. My Doctrine is “The Holy Bible” with the Words of Christ being the most important part of the doctrine I believe in.


Nehemiah Ellis, a representative of this 21st Century Ministry, he plays a vital role in demonstrating leadership and in bringing accountability, integrity, honesty and trust back to our community. Our actions speak volume to the mission.


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Scripture says, “As certainly as I live, says the Lord, everyone will worship me, and everyone will praise God.”

Romans 14:11 GW


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 Our Mission

“. . . To transform believers into effective intercessors partnering with God through prayer to bring redemption and change into the lives of people at home and around the world. “

Our Vision

” . . .To fulfill our vision by teaching biblical principles of prayer, inspiring believers with testimonies of answered prayer, motivating believers to develop a consistent prayer life, connecting committed intercessors with those in vital need of prayer, and envisioning believers to become world changers through prayer.”



 Nehemiah Ellis sponsors this site and is a non-profit ministry

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God bless you and make you a blessing from Job Ministries